April 12, 2006

Don't Call It A Comeback

Much like LL Cool J, I've been here for years... Just not blogging. Let me catch you up on what's been happening in Mix's world:

Work, work and more work. I finished up a very busy period at Integrate and decided to take a chance on another opportunity. Before I left, I had the pleasure of working on some big projects, namely the COSI redesign and the upcoming WOSU redesign. My content management system was used for both sites, and I have to say that it's performed rather well for being developed by one semi-competent PHP programmer.

I hated to leave Integrate in a tough position, but my new gig at MyTriggers was something I had to jump on. It's an e-commerce search engine, with a focus on alerts. Right now we have email and RSS alerting, but we'll soon have IM, SMS, and Voice. I'm currently reworking the entire user account management scheme to make it more robust and easy to use. Hopefully I'll succeed.

Even though I've been slammed with day job and freelance work, I've been making time to play Elder Scroll IV: Oblivion. It's quite addictive, since it takes the 'sandbox' notion to extremes. You can do or be just about anything in the context of the game world. I'm currently playing a virtuous knight character, but I think next time through I'll be some kind of rogue assassin/thief... see how many times I can break out of jail, and how high I can get my bounty. Yee haw!

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