October 04, 2005

Hodge Podge

Just thought I'd update you on a few things happening around. Firstly, kudos to Greg Costikyan for taking a big risk and starting his own indie game label. I've actually decided to get involved in this, lending my web development experience to the cause. I'll also be submitting a logo to the contest he's started, since I know something about those...

That wacky Unreal site BeyondUnreal has just launched a PSP version. I had actually been hoping for this, since I regularly check BU with my PSP browser. I wish more sites would follow suit, especially Blue's News, which frequently maxes out my PSP's memory.

The big news of the day is that Halo 3 probably won't make the PS3 launch. Shocking. Really.

If anyone took Bill Gates' comment about people 'going to the store for the PS3 launch and walking into Halo 3' seriously, they don't know the games business. It's a nice thought, but a flagship title like Halo 3 does not get a solid release date this far out. It's just not feasible. Reason being, what if the schedule slips, that means breaking 'the promise', or sacrificing quality, and neither are good ways to win over the buying public.

Anyway, GameHarvest is doing well, but we still aren't even on the radar of the big search engines. Time will tell I guess.

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