April 28, 2005

I Have a Blog?

It seems as though I had forgotten about this little corner of the interweb, and have neglected it. My apologies.

It has been mostly due to my (un)fortunate workload, both at the day job and freelance. But enough about my problems.


Yes, the City of Angels will once again welcome me back into her bosom and I will revel in the baccinalian gaming lovefest that takes place every spring. I haven't been to E3 for four years, which is a very sad fact. Some people claim to be 'over' E3, or that it's just 'too much' for them. Stay home, then. I for one hate staying home and trying to glean everything I can from the crumbs posted on the various gaming news sites. E3 is not a trade show, it is an experience.

Plus I'll hopefully get to see some old friends I left behind when I moved back to Ohio. And the wife is coming along, so it's almost an über-vacation. w00p!

As for game development these days, I haven't had any time to work on Duffers, web games, or anything. When I do get back to it, I want to create a golf game from scratch. Original engine, artwork, everything. Even if it takes me years, I'd like to be able to say I created a decent-sized game without relying on another engine, plus I'm still enamored with golf games. If the opportunity comes down the road to monetize it, then all the better because I'll own it.

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