January 21, 2005

The 'I Hate Winter' Annual Post 2005

It's that horrible time of year again in central Ohio, January.

I'm not a big fan of winter. As most were, I liked it just fine as a kid, when there was a possibility of a snow day now and again. Now it just means I'll be late to work, and cold to boot.

Anyway, January does mean the annual Detroit Auto Show is going on, which I traditionally visit. This year wasn't as flashy as past years, with less concepts about, and nothing breathtaking. I was impressed with the new Honda Ridgeline, but I'm a big Honda fan, as my last 4 vehicles have been Hondas. I also liked the Smart Cars, but I doubt I'd ever buy one. Not really practical here.

My dad is getting a new Pontiac Solstice as soon as they are released, which may be as soon as May.

We were recently presented an award for Duffers Golf; 3rd place in the Sports Mod category from the readers of moddb.com. Since Duffers in it's current state isn't really anything close to finished, getting this award was a big (and welcome) surprise.

I've been slowly working on the new course for the mini-golf version, but with contract work and Halo 2 on Live, my free time has been eaten up. I don't have the contest anymore to help keep me focused, so I'll need to find that motivation again. It'll happen.

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