December 29, 2004

Ho Ho Ho

How was your Christmas? Mine was spent digging out of a foot and a half of snow, and eating a lot of ham.

I got a few movies as presents: The Star Wars Trilogy, Hero, and Spiderman 2. I also received the last two Halo books that I've been dying to read. Watched Spiderman 2 last night with the 'Spidey Sense' popup trivia track. Some of it was interesting, but it seemed like most of the time they were digging for info. I would have much rather had more stuff about the actual production than to hear about the stage history of the actress who plays Aunt May.

Before the holidays, we picked up the extended version of Return of the King. That means we have all 6 releases. We're a little geeked when it comes to LOTR.

Game-wise, the holidays have been sparse. I did find time to download and play the Half-Life 2 demo. Pretty cool stuff, although on my machine at home the detail has to be turned down so much that it looks little better than HL1. At work, however, it's pristine. I will be getting that over Steam soon. Yes, soon....

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December 07, 2004

...Without a Net

I'm brilliant.

Spyware had infected my home machine (Internet Explorer is the devil, everyone should use Firefox!), and after trying to disinfect it as well I could, it was still clogged. So, I decided it was time for a format. Now, I'm a fairly experienced computer user, having built and maintained many machines over the years, and always expect problems when attempting something like this, but this time it was a little more complex.

Windows XP kept locking up midway through installation. After several attempts, I installed Redhat Linux 7.2 to see if it was a hardware problem. It was fine. After spending a whole weekend messing around with it, I finally got WinXP to install by removing everything extraneous from the computer and setting the BIOS to the failsafe defaults. I thought my problems were over, but then I realized that my second hard drive wasn't being recognized. Somehow it's partition table was corrupted. After more hours of frantically trying software after software that promised data recovery, I stumbled upon a little command-line utility that fixed it. Google is your friend.

So, once again, I thought everything was golden. I hadn't lost anything (especially my game development files!)... or had I?

Turns out the Outlook PST archive I saved was a really old one. From 2001. And, I forgot to back up my FTP sites list from WS_FTP. Both were on the partition I formatted. Not the end of the world, but annoying nonetheless.

I still can't figure out why Windows refused to load in the beginning, and why it's fine now, because the hardware configuration is essentially the same. Maybe it has to do with the service packs.

If I could totally switch to Linux I would.

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