November 24, 2004

Turkey Lurkey

Tomorrow's gluttony day... Time for turkey, gravy, and Halo 2.

I dropped a little science on this UK news site and let them know what we have up our sleeve for the next version of Duffers. I suspect they will have some exclusive screenshots soon, so keep watching.

Speaking of Halo 2, I was able to snag a copy of the Limited Edition before they all went bye-bye. It has a nice supplemental DVD that I can't watch until I finish the game. The game itself is dreamy, and was well worth the wait. Of course, being such the Bungie fanboy that I am it would have to be a real stinker for me not to like it, but trying to be objective, they have created something special.

The single player has a great story that really expands on the base they created with Halo 1, and of course the real party is on Xbox Live. I jumped on the other night with a buddy and it was simple to join games as a group. Plus, the stats and clan action on are just icing. No self-respecting gamer should be without an Xbox and a copy of this game.

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November 10, 2004

Papa's Got a Brand New Bag

If you'll notice the footer, you'll see that I've upgraded my Movable Type installation. I felt I needed to do this because it has new features that protect against comment-spamming, a scourge that has recently begun to sweep across the blog. So, if you want to post comments on the site, I ask that you register. Movable Type uses the TypeKey system.

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November 08, 2004

I Dreamed a Dream About... Bees

So tomorrow is the big day; Halo 2 finally hits. I have a preorder in but unfortunately won't be able to pick it up for a bit. I've been a Bungie fan since the Marathon days, and followed Halo's development from the beginning. In fact, I interviewed for a level designer position at Bungie during the early days of Halo. On the tour of the offices, I was shown a door and told that "in there we're working on the 'next big thing'", but if they showed me, they'd have to kill me. Sadly, I didn't get the job (probably due to my reading habits... honestly!), but it's still cool to be able to say that I was there way back when.

Anyway, I loved the first Halo, repetitive gameplay and all, and I'm really looking forward to Xbox Live multiplayer. I'm hoping that they work in some of the great narrative that has been developed in the ARG, but initial reports seem to say otherwise. I'm sure it will be spiffy anyhow.

On the game front, I'm starting to dive back into it after a brief hiatus. Putting the course together with the new modular approach I've developed has really turned into a boon for productivity. It will really help down the road when we start playtesting, and can make adjustments to the holes easily and quickly.

Our game is light on framerate, so we're considering adding some newly-researched effects like the ever-popular Bloom. If it detracts at all, though, we'll lose it in a heartbeat.

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