September 09, 2004


It's been kinda slow around here lately. I've been purposely taking it easy, as the antidote to my almost perpetual 'burnt-out' status in recent times. It's been good.

I finally finished (at least one ending) Deus Ex 2 on Xbox. It's a good game; not quite as satisfying as the original, but good. It's really deep as far as gameplay options, which was fun. For example, most major goals you are given will also be accompanied by opposing goals, and your decision changes how the game plays out. Now I assume nothing major is different depending on those decisions, but there's probably a lot of dialog changes, and of course the whole multiple ending thing. As far as the game being 'dumbed-down' for console users, I found it pretty easy to play, and it wasn't the least offensive to my PC propensity.

I'm also about to the end of Doom 3. It's very good looking (or bad looking?), but the gameplay for me is hit AND miss. I like the new elements (ie, the PDA), and the level design is superb, but it's a bunch of shooting. I guess I expected more.

We're going to a game development conference in Portmouth, Ohio (of all places) on October 1st. We'll be bringing a laptop with the latest build of Duffers on it, but I'm not sure I can really expect anything to come out of it. Either way, it should be a good opportunity to network with both fellow developers and people with some money.

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