August 22, 2004

That Feels Better

I've come to the realization that the competition has been both good and bad. Good that it's pushed us, but bad in that I haven't been able to enjoy it. The pressure of trying to win has sapped the joy out of game development. Apparently I'm not alone in this feeling as I've read quite a few forum posts with the sentiment.

Now that I've basically counted us out for the MSUC, I can work on the game without anxiety, and appreciate other mods. I had been looking at every decent mod with disdain, hoping to find some fatal flaw that would knock them out of the running. I'm not proud of this. These other modmakers work on their creations just as hard or harder than I do, and they deserve any reward they get from it. Now that I'm free of the competition, I can see that and rediscover why I like the community of mods that the Unreal series has.

As for our little mod, I'm having fun with it again. I don't even care if we enter phase 4. I don't think we could win, so there's not much point in entering. I would just like to take it easy and create the game I want to create, whether it takes 3 weeks or 3 months.

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August 18, 2004

I Call It... Mini Duffers.

After we recovered from our loss on the Make Something Unreal Contest, we sat down and talked rationally about what went wrong and how to fix it. The general concensus is that while we were making our game, we forgot to put some actual game in it. It's a sub-par simulation of golf, but as a game, it's not much fun. I for one have a much better time going out to a real golf course, even though I currently suck.

Also, artistically, we would never be able to reach the content goals we set for ourselves with our current team, and given the state of the mod community, we're not going to be able to add to our ranks anytime soon. We need to stay within our capabilities both gameplay and asset-wise.

So, we've decided on a new approach. I don't want to discuss the details here, considering we're very early into the development process. Suffice it to say that it's being built upon the Duffers codebase, and we're using the knowledge and experience gained during that whole process. Hopefully it will turn out better than Duffers 1.0 did.

As of today we have just a bit over three weeks until the Phase 4 deadline. That may not be enough time to achieve our goals, but I'm not sure it matters much at this point. We've resigned ourselves to the fact that unless a miracle happens, we're not going to win the grand prize. However, if we're only in this to win money (which we never were, but I digress) we shouldn't be doing this at all. I for one am in the modding game to get experience creating games, so that someday I will be able to do this professionally. Dealing with hardships and disappointment can only help refine me, so I'm looking at the contest with that attitude. Clearly we're not ready for prime-time, so our goal must be to continually press on and get better. I think we have some good ideas, but that's only a small part of success. The vast majority of what it takes is perserverance and hard work. We're learning a great deal about both.

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August 08, 2004

And the Winner Is...

...not us. Not by a long shot.

I think we were too full of ourselves for getting golf physics to work in UT2004 that we forgot to put a fun game in there somewhere. We're going to try to rectify that for the next phase, but let's be realisticówe're not going to win the grand prize. I'm already calling it for Red Orchestra. I don't think anyone else has a chance. It's all about graphics and the amount of content, and a 3-person team just can't compete. We have to give up on that fantasy and just try to make the game we want to make, and learn from this experience. I just have to get over the fact that getting Coil to a professional level is going to take more time and effort than I wanted. Nothing really worth doing is easy.

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