April 23, 2004

What Day Is It, Again?

I know I've been neglecting this site, but for good reason. The past couple weeks have been very busy, as we've been trying to get things done. Redo-ing the physics and the course for the game have proven to be a more daunting task than we would have liked, but the end result will be a better game.  We still have a chance to have the mod shown at E3, which would be great, as we need the exposure. I don't think the gaming public is taking this mod very seriously, and that is due in most part to there not being any public version of it. However I'm confident that we'll have something special when that time comes.

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April 15, 2004

It's One Higher, Isn't It?

So we're making the move to UT2004. It's basically been thrust upon us, as Phase 3 entries are required to be UT2k4 mods. I've ported the current stable codebase over, but there are some issues with the GUI. I replaced a lot of the menu stuff in 2k3, and it doesn't all jive with the new system. I'm making progress, though.

What this means for our release schedule is this: We HAVE to release something at the end of the month, so we're trying as hard as we can to make that date. Progress on the new course is slower than I would have hoped, but the actual look of the new course is worlds beyond the previous, so it will be worth it.

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April 08, 2004

Baby Steps

We've finally released a closed beta to a few select people, and we're all extremely busy trying to work towards a full public release. However, we've had to throw some things out and start from scratch, and that makes progress difficult. We could never get Karma to behave properly, so we're writing our own ball physics. Hopefully things will go well and we can finally concentrate on gameplay rather than the basics.

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April 02, 2004

Alpha Beta Alpha

So we're finally reaching that point: we are preparing to send our creation into the world. We're going to have a final all-day session of bug fixing tomorrow, then package the mod up and set it loose on the beta team, which I still have to assemble. After a week of closed-beta testing, we're going to release our first public version for some real beating. We're doing this for two reasons: 1) We would like Epic to see it, 2) We need some heavy testing before the 3rd Phase deadline.

Anyone who reads this blog and has UT2003 installed is welcome to particpate in the closed beta. I will have a server running all next week so there will be opportunity to play the game online, although you can play single player as well. Send me a mail if you're interested.

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