January 27, 2004


I always wanted a Neo-Geo back in the day, but the price tag was always too high. I have no idea how many quarters I spent on Samurai Showdown ("Sobu!") and Cyber Lip down at my local arcade. Well, now SNK is going to be making games for the Xbox. Firsties we get a port of Metal Slug 3 (why 3?), but beggars can't be choosers, and us old fogeys get some Neo Geo goodness.

Speaking of the Xbox, it seems as if EA finally had a epiphany and realized they were moronic for not utilizing Xbox Live. I subscribed to Live using the two-month free trial that came with Project Gotham 2. I have two Live-capable games, PGR2 and Crimson Skies, and I downloaded the extra maps for Splinter Cell. Live has it together. With the friends list, extra content, and good performance even on my crappy DSL, I'll definitely be paying for a year of this, if just to play Halo 2 online when it finally arrives. Why EA had to be uppity and try to ignore Microsoft's good online system is beyond me. If someone has some insight on the situation, I'd love to know.

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January 26, 2004

Snow Day

So the Midwest got some decent snow for once this winter, and due to my long commute, I'm home today.

Let's talk games.

So this Nintendo DS thing: I've never been a huge Nintendo fan (I was a hardcore Sega guy back in the day), and their business practices have always somewhat confused me. They have undoubtedly been very successful, but they want to support three consoles at once? I'm predicting a big fat flop, unless the hardware totally blows everything away and is practically free.

Play the Far Cry demo yet? My aging dinosaur of a machine doesn't like it too well, but it's not bad. It gives you a lot of freedom to get around the island in the demo, and on a powerful machine, looks like something out of a travel mag. Could be a winner.

Current game: Pingvin. High score: 323.4

Congrats go to Reggie (a coil co-founder) on Maximo vs. Army of Zin. Gamerankings shows an average of 83% currently, but I haven't played it yet.

On the development front, we're taking Friday off (of our day jobs) and working on the game both Friday and Saturday. We need to start pushing ourselves if we're going to make our estimated release dates and have something ready for the April 30th deadline. For those just joining us, I'm the project leader for a UT2003 mod called Duffers Golf. Like most other UT mods right now, we're looking to win the Make Something Unreal contest. There are a lot of quality mods out there already, but if we accomplish our gameplay goals, I think we have a pretty good chance. I really want to go to London.

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January 23, 2004

Is this thing on?

So I thought I get in on this whole blog thing. I hadn't done it before (even though I'm usually on the front of the curve when it comes to net trends) because I didn't feel I had much to say. However after regular reading of several game-related blogs, I realized that my own experiences and thoughts on gaming and game development might be of interest to some people, and besides, I like to talk.

So, here you will find (as often as I have time to update it) my take on gaming and development trends, as well as an inside look at an upstart game developer trying to carve out his place in the industry.

As for a little background, I've been a hardcore gamer since the age of eight. I went to school for Media Communications (with aspirations of Film directing) but came out prepared to work in the web development world. After some stumbling around, I landed a job with GameSpy as their first Design Director, in charge of the design of all their network websites. I was with GameSpy for 2 1/2 years, and moved on to other web-related jobs, but always looking to make a break into the game industry.

Due to my current situation, I find myself not willing to move from my native Ohio, but am aiming to eventually start my own game development company here. Currently I'm working with a few others on a UT2003 mod.

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