September 15, 2005

This Is Not A Teen Mag

Not too long after I started Mixworld, I started noticing in my traffic logs that a majority of visitors were from Finland. Naturally, I found this interesting, and sought to find out why. It turns out that a Finnish Teen magazine has a website at Mixworld dot NET, and when some confused visitors ended up here, they were annoyed. Let just say that I received a lot of emails, which I can only assume were angry because there were a disproportional amount of exclamation points. And I don't read Finnish.

Refreshingly, the traffic patterns to my sites have taken a turn after GameHarvest was featured on Blue's News on Monday. It's just a small step in what I hope will be a continuing upward trend for the new site.

And speaking of GameHarvest (indulge me), we've added something new. You can now buy full versions of certain games, like King of the Ball (a pretty cool game), right from the site.

What would you like to see on GameHarvest? If you have suggestions for us as far as functionality and features, we're all ears. If you know of a game that we should have in our database, by all means, point us to it. We're really trying to make this site the best of its kind, and you can help us do that. w00p!

* note: Finnish people are welcome too!

Posted by mix at September 15, 2005 10:12 AM
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